Vanilla: The Soother and Healer

Vanilla is a great flavoring agent and it is used for a number of preparations from cakes and cookies to ice cream, custard and milk shakes. It is also an important fragrance in some of the best perfumes in the world. But is it all about fragrance and flavor that vanilla was chosen by humans? No, it is not. Vanilla has many good effects on the body and this has been established. So the essential oil of vanilla is used for a number of purposes from relieving fever to treating depression.

Vanilla is a very good antioxidant. Thus it can be the solution for a number of diseases or ailments. Since oxidation is the cause of a number of problems like loss of memory, decreasing the immunity power and even the loss of hearing and vision. So the use of essential oil of vanilla is a great way to control such oxidation processes. It not only stops the free radical from affecting the body but actually can heal up the loss suffered due to oxidation. Sometimes this antioxidant property of vanilla proves effective in cancer control, especially that of colon and prostrate. Some components found in the essential oil of vanilla are considered to check the growth of cancerous cells.

Vanilla is a great antidepressant. Often having a vanilla ice-cream can lift the mood. The aroma of vanilla can do wonders in case of depression. The sweet and soothing flavor of vanilla does the trick because the chemical involved, Vanillin Hydrobenzaldehyde, is a very good anti-depressant. The soothing quality of vanilla makes its essential oil very effective in relieving inflammations of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and the excretory systems. This property is also used for relieving inflammations due to ailments like anxiety, stress, fever, etc.  In fact, the components of vanilla, Eugenol and Vanillin Hydrobenzaldehyde, help to fight some infections too.

Vanilla is a good tranquilizer also. So if you are not getting good sleep for some days you can try the essential oil of vanilla. It is said to induce sleep very fast and effectively by reducing blood pressure. The relaxing nature of vanilla gives relief in anger and restlessness too. Moreover, vanilla has established itself as an effective aphrodisiac. Regular administration of essential oil of vanilla can relieve problems like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, etc. by stimulating release of hormones like testosterone and estrogen.