Various Causes Of Sore Joints


The regions in the skeletal structure of the body where the bones intersect are called joints. Joints help the person to move the body comfortably and they also act as shock absorbers. Joints are made with ligaments, cartilage, connective tissue, fluid and tendons. Any joint can become sore and there are various causes for the joint to get wounded.

sore joints

The most prominent functional joints will help everyone to significantly perform certain activities like driving, walking, typing, carry something, nailing with hammer on to a board etc. The sore in the joint will make it to swell and become stiff. The swollen joint will not allow the person to perform his/her tasks both at home as well as at the office.

Causes Of Sore Joints


The sore in the joints can be caused commonly by arthritis. As the person develops osteoarthritis, it will cause damage in the joints and slowly they will get destroyed. If the immunity in the body turns inwards into the body itself then it leads to rheumatoid arthritis.

The white blood cells will attack the lining of the joints sometimes considering them as some foreign material. This attack will cause inflammation and pain in the joints.



There are certain fluid filled sacs in the joints called as “bursae”. These sacs will decrease the friction at the joint region and will form a pad in between the bones. If the fluid filled sacs are swollen, it leads to the condition known as “bursitis”. The joints that are affected will be extremely painful specifically in the night time. The painful joint condition is mostly observed in the hip region.



If the person takes in some specific type of food, the purines in that food will get converted back into a chemical called as uric acid. Usually uric acid will be flushed out from the system through the urine.

In the Gout condition, uric acid will transform into Urate crystals, which gets accumulated in the joints. This accumulation will cause swelling, joint pain and joint stiffness.


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The thick fibrous tissue that joins the muscles with the bones is called as tendon. Tendons appear thick and become swollen when the person moves the joints repeatedly for a long duration. The tendons will get swollen due to intense working of the joints and the joints will become sore and irritated.

This state is known as Tendinitis. The joints present in the heels, elbows, shoulders and wrists are affected by tendinitis. This condition is developed mostly by the professional athletes.


Psoriatic Arthritis

This type of arthritis affects people who are suffering from psoriasis. Psoriasis is the condition where the skin has red patches covered by silvery scales. Many people will be affected by psoriasis initially and later they will develop psoriatic arthritis. The problems in the joints might occur prior to the appearance of skin wounds.

The most significant symptoms observed for psoriatic arthritis are inflammation, pain in the joints and joint stiffness. The joints present all over the body could become sore ranging from the spine to the finger tips. The pain intensity might vary from mild to severe.