Viral Infection Cures With Herbal Treatment

Viruses are pods like inherent materials within. They are minute and are a lot smaller than bacteria. Viruses are the origins of well-known contagious diseases such as flu, warts and common cold.

They are also responsible for chronic and rigorous illness such as AIDS, hemorrhagic fevers and small pox. The viruses attack the common living cells and utilize those cells to reproduce other viruses similar to them. These ultimately destroy the cells, the result of which the person concerned becomes ill.

viral infection

Treating viral infections is very difficult as they reside within the cells and are protected from the medicines that normally flow through the blood stream. Hence, antibiotics do not work for normal viral infections. The only alternative is a vaccine that helps the body to fight viral infection when attacked, thus protecting the body from the infection.

Herbal Remedies To Cure Viral Infection

Vitamin C

This vitamin is a very good remedy in fighting viral infection. Vitamin C is naturally obtainable in all citrus fruits, bell peppers and Brussels sprouts. In order to prevent viral infection, one needs to consume citrus fruits everyday like lime, which can be consumed with water or with grilled fish.

Vitamin C


Echinacea is an immune boosting herb that is used to combat both bacterial and viral infection. This herb has compounds namely caffeic acid, chiroric acid and echinacin that help the body to fight viruses.



Recent research has proven that clinically garlic can be used successfully in treating all kinds of infection, whether bacterial or viruses. Garlic helps in strengthening the immunity and improves the infection-fighting ability of the body. As regards viral infection, garlic has the strongest inhibitory consequence at the time of the beginning of supplementation and before its introduction to virus and carries it on right through the likely infective period.


St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort plays an important role in fighting infection. It is a popular remedy for combating any sort of infection, whether bacterial or viral. This herb has proved successfully to slow down the growth of retroviruses (Including AIDS and HIV viruses).

st. john


Consuming licorice helps in the boosting of the immune system, which helps in the prevention of viral infection. The antiviral effects of white licorice tea on the human body, helps in the reduction of the growth of bacterial and viral infections.