Vital Colic Remedies

Colic symptoms are extremely common problems at the time of infancy. It is during this time that the baby can frustrate the people with their loud and non-stop crying. They should be tried to be given immediate relief else their discomfort could spread to the parents in the form of anxiety and worry.

There are different theories that are thought to be the real cause of the colic pain. As per certain theories colic pain occurs as due to the difficulties in digestion of food thereby causing pain when the food goes through the entire digestion process.

Some theories suggest that happy babies do not face colic pain while not so happy ones suffer from this pain. Again, some believe that stress is responsible for the digestive problems and thereby colic pain.

A further theory suggests that lactose intolerance or food allergies can also cause colic pain. Some of the symptoms of colic pain are intense and uncontrollable crying of a baby that can be hard to comfort, sudden stoppage of crying and again sudden starting, same time crying episodes each day or night, tight or swollen stomach, clinching of fists, pulling the limbs close to the chest, restless, irritable and sleepless baby. However there are a lot of colic remedies and here are some of them:

Gripe water: This water is usually made of alcohol, chamomile, ginger, bicarbonate, fennel, dill and has been extremely popular not only for the easing of the colic pain but also in the dealing of gas and other teething pains.

Even though the components and elements can vary, gripe water is extremely useful in relieving the babies of any kind of abdominal pains.

Lavender and warm water:
This is considered as one of the easiest as well as successful remedy that aids in the dealing with colic pains of the babies. Just warm a tub of bath water and add a few drops of lavender in it.

Allow the babies to sit in the water for sometime. It has been found to work like miracle for many babies experiencing colic pain.

These are some of the useful yet easy remedies for curing the child of the colic pain.