Vital Diet for Hair Loss Treatment

Food and regular diet is vital for both the health of the body as well as that of the hair. Though many of us are familiar with external treatment of the hair and scalp, it is vital for us to know that just external treatment is not at all effective for anything, whether health or hair.

Our hair needs nutritious and healthy foods from within to treat hair loss. In fact, diet plays a vital role in the growth and strength of the hair as well as reducing the fall of the hair.

There are certain foods that are significantly responsible for the growth and the development of the hair as well as reduce the hair loss to a great extent. Check out some vital diet for hair loss treatment.

Water: Water is not only known for its ability in losing weight but is also excellent for hair care. Water helps to flush out the toxic substances that are stored in the body and also assists in the hydration of the hair and the body as a whole. Eight to ten glasses of water for daily intake are best to keep the hair healthy and glowing.

Protein: Protein is composed of the maximum part of the hair. About 90% of the hair is made up of the protein. Hence it is always vital to include a high amount of proteins in the diet in order to keep the hair strong and healthy. Yoghurt, cheese, meat and eggs are rich in protein content and are useful for the health of the hair.

Biotin: Biotin is a vitamin that is known to prevent hair loss. This is one of the key vitamins that are found in rich amount in the seeds of the sunflower, green peas as well as soybeans.  However, this vitamin does not work well when there is an intake of the diet that has rich sources of proteins. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause loss of the hairs.

Vitamin C and Iron: Iron is extremely essential for the healthy hair and its deficiency can cause loss of hair. Vitamin C helps in the proper absorption of iron in the body. Hence, it is always essential that vitamin C is always included with iron rich foods like leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, eggs, dried fruits, etc.

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