Vital Diet To Prevent Cancer

The anaerobic condition of a body which has reached the final stages of low oxygen as well as extremely acidic state of existence leads to the growth and development of cancer. Cancer is known to be the second largest killer among the Americans and this largely due to their lifestyle and behavioral pattern.

It is the diseased state of the body that is the result of the unrestrained unusual growth of cells. In some type of cancer, the white blood cells begin to outnumber the red blood cells. Such types of cancer are known as leukemia. Most of us believe that malignant tumors are responsible for cancer but in fact, it is just the opposite.

It is the cancer that causes the malignant tumors. Types of cancer are usually named after the organs of the body like breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, ovarian cancer etc. The symptoms of cancer vary as per their affected organs of the body.

Diets play a massive role in the prevention of cancer and keeping the mind and body fresh and healthy. Here are some of the foods that can cause the ailment as well as some of the foods that can also prevent the formation of the disease.

Cancer causing foods: In the present world, most of us are excessively dependent of processed food, fast food as well as packaged foods. These types of food have varied types of additives, flavoring agents, coloring agents, sweeteners, preservatives, stabilizers, solvents, bulking agents and anti-foaming agents etc that are just not harmful but are poisonous for the body.

Nothing happens with the immediate intake of such foods but in the long term process, the carcinogenic effect is far less unstated. There have been very little studies and researches on these dangerous additives that are in general thought as the main cause of cancer. High intake of spicy foods and alcohol are also known to be vital cause of the ailment.

Cancer preventing foods: Fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, green tea, vitamins, turmeric as well as the antioxidant rich foods are known to be the ones that aid in the prevention of cancer growth.

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