Vital Herbs For Strong Immune System

Strong immune system is the key to healthy body. The immune system of our body is largely responsible for the fighting of various ailments that attack our body and causes harm to us. Boosting the immune system helps us to defend the body from viruses and nasty bugs that can cause trouble within our body.

It also fights and kills the cancer cells
as well as other chronic diseases before they can cause trouble inside our body. Not only does the strong immune system keep the other illness at bay, it also helps an individual to function at a high level physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

It increases the ability of the body to recover from minor cuts and burns easily as well as keep the allergic reactions away. Many herbs play useful and helpful role to boost up the immune system. Some of these herbs are as follows:

Astragalus: This herb is known to stimulate the immune system and helps in the protection and support of the resistance power of our body. The herb is used as an energy-tonic of the immune system and it helps to raise the resistance power of the body to fight off cold and flu.

The herb is sweet to taste and has been traditionally used as a medicine for liver, lung and also spleen. The liquid tincture made from the root of the herb is also beneficial for the lowering down the blood pressure.

Licorice: The herb is extremely useful in the enhancement of the natural resistance power by boosting the levels of interferon, a key chemical of the immune system that fights off attacking viruses.

The herb has powerful antioxidants that are useful to fight off free radicals that are formed inside our body and causes harm to the healthy cells.

The herb is extremely beneficial in the healing of ulcers as well as lowering the stomach acid levels, heartburn, indigestion etc. The herb is useful for treating asthma, body odor, canker sores, athlete’s foot, gout, gingivitis, cold and flu, Lyme, HIV, menopause, sore throat, depression, fatigue etc.Therefore, it is evident that herbs can provide great benefit for boost up the strength of the immune system.

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