Vital Skin Care Tips for Summer

Summer is the time when the skin requires extra indulging as during this time it is not only exposed to the overheating of the sun, but is equally bare to winds, dust, water and any other forms that are prone to affect the skin. At the time of summer, the skin is more exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun due to the tanning which can be dangerous as it can lead to the formation of skin cancer.

Though the sunlight is well-known as a food of the skin but overexposure to the sun at the time of summer can lead to trouble like aging of the skin. Summer is thought as one of the harshest months for the skin due to its exposure to sweat, heat, dust as well as clogging pores. These clogging pores are considered as one of the essential causes of breakouts on the skin.

Cleanser: Cleanser is a must at the time of summer. Good cleanser not only helps to cleanse the extra sweat and dirt from the face but also helps to open the clogged pores that are considered as one of the main cause of the breakouts.

Sunscreen lotion:
Just by applying sunscreen lotion, one cannot stop oneself from tanning. Apply SPF 15+ lotions on the face and on the hands as well as SPF 15+ lip balm. It should be made a part of the daily routine and applied to all the exposed areas of the body on a regular basis.

Water consumption: Drink plenty of water
on a regular basis. It helps in making the skin look gorgeous. Since all of us know that we perspire a lot at the time of summer, hence we are aware of the fact that a lot of water is lost with the perspiration. Plenty of water consumption therefore becomes a necessity at the time of summer.

Fruits and vegetables:
Intake of plenty of fruits and vegetables is a must at the time of summer. Consumption of fruits and vegetables not only helps to provide a beautiful skin but also a healthy and glowing skin.