Vitamin D Benefits During Pregnancy

Vitamin D is vital for the sustaining of life. The intake of this vitamin through food and dietary supplements is necessary on a regular basis. This vitamin helps the body in its day to day functions as well as vital in making the people more energetic.

It is a fat-soluble vitamin and is mostly made in the human body with the exposure to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. The liver and the kidney aids in converting vitamin D to its lively hormone form. This hormone form of vitamin D aids by regulating the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus from the intestine.

Vitamin D forms a vital part of a healthy diet. It helps the body to absorb calcium thereby aiding in the formation and the maintenance of healthy joints and strong bones. In fact, deficiency of vitamin D can cause thin, brittle and soft bones that can easily tend to break.

Vitamin D helps in controlling the movement of the calcium between bone and blood or the blood and the bone and so on. Vitamin D helps in preventing osteoporosis and joint pains, breast and prostrate cancer and even aids in controlling diabetes as well as obesity.  This vitamin aids in slowing the effects of osteoporosis and in lessening the ache of individuals.

Vitamin D is vital during pregnancy. Motherhood is the right and the most adorable dream of every woman. Day by day, out planet is getting more and more polluted and gradually losing its life supporting values and with it our nutritional values are getting extremely affected and causing harm to human health and pregnancy.

The deficiency of vitamin D is quite common in the present days. This deficiency can cause physical disabilities and even life-threatening risk to the new born babies.

The deficiency of this vitamin can cause high impact on the maternal health as well as the developing fetus in the womb of the mother. The deficiency of this vitamin can aid in developing insulin resistance in the body. The children are prone to suffering from rickets with its deficiency.

Daily intake of vitamin D supplements is considered as the only safe method to incorporate it within the body and to prevent the baby from developing a number of complications during its birth.