Vitamins and Joint care

A regular supply of various vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients is basic requirement of our body. Sufficient amount of these vitamins and minerals is necessary for proper functioning of various body parts. They also provide us protection from various diseases. Eating healthy and balance diet during young age is very beneficial for old age. Good food decreases probability of problems like weak bones, arthritis, sprain and spasm. Vitamin C is very helpful in improving our immune system and a strong immune system protects us from various diseases.

Again consumption of vitamins like A, B, C, D and E on a regular basis keeps our joints fit. If there is deficiency of vitamin A in your body, it may result in the problem of joint inflammation and can result in improper growth of the bones. Hence, it is important to consume food containing vitamin A on a regular basis. Apart from making the joints of our body, vitamin A is good for skin, eyes and overall body growth.

Vitamin B6 is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Therefore, a constant consumption of this vitamin can avoid the problem of arthritis. Consumption of vitamin E in daily food diet may facilitate proper formation and growth of cartilage. Vitamin D helps in absorbing calcium by the body. It increases the density of the bone and makes them strong. Minerals are also equally necessary for healthy joints. Calcium is the major constituents of the bones.

Apart from calcium, the other constituents are phosphorous, fluorine etc. Hence, to keep the joints fit a regular consumption of minerals is very necessary. Vitamin C gets dissolved in water and helps in keeping bones fixed with skin. It also accelerates the process of healing. It improves the immune ability of the body. You are advised to avoid unhealthy food. A regular consumption of tinned or packed food can lead to various health complications. If you are not very sure about your diet, you can consult a doctor for a dietary program.

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