Weight is a worrying factor – control with natural remedies

Obesity is the physical state of the body when excessive deposition of fat takes place in adipose tissue thereby having an adverse effect on health and reducing life expectancy. The obese body is described in Ayurveda as the one afflicted with most diseases and troubles.
Obesity leads to following diseases:i) Type-2 Diabetes, ii) Heart disease, iii) High blood pressure, iv) Few types of Cancers, v) Gall stones, vi) liver diseases, vii) Osteo Arthritis, viii) Gout, ix) Infertility x) Irregular menstruation in women and so on.
Reducing weight is about a lot exerting control on one’s diet and tremendous self-discipline. To decrease weight a number of things have to be always kept in mind:
i) Regular exercising.
ii) Recommendation of diet in losing weight.
iii) Avoid skipping meals.
iv) Drinking enough water.
v) Avoiding stress.
Regular Exercising:
Walking is the most effective exercise to fight obesity. Other aerobic exercises like jogging or swimming are some of the key factors in achieving permanent weight loss. After-dinner walk, using stairs instead of lifts, parking car far away to have a longer walk, etc. are some of the few simple methods to burn calories effectively.
Recommendation of diet in losing weight:
Eat high fiber foods and instead of frying, baking or boiling of food is recommended. Having a spoonful of honey with lukewarm water with half a lemon juice in the morning is considered an apt and easiest natural remedy to get rid of unwanted fat.
Cabbage eaten as raw in salad and cooked is regarded to be a good natural home remedy for losing weight. We should chew slowly and stop eating before feeling full. Rice and potato should be avoided as much as possible. Among cereals, wheat is good in restricting obesity.
Avoid skipping meals:
There is often a conception that by skipping meals weight can be checked. This is very untrue and skipping meals should always be avoided to check obesity. Instead, we should eat three to six times a day in smaller portions to avoid feeling hungry.
Drinking enough water:
Drinking enough water will not only keep us hydrated but will also help us in losing weight. Green tea and carrot juice boosts metabolism and helps a lot in losing weight.
Avoiding Stress:
Stress is one of the major factors related to weight gain. We have to consciously fight stress by taking the help of meditation, yoga, and prayers thereby helping ourselves to restrict obesity.