Weight Loss after Child Birth is Easy

After spending 9 months indulging in foods to nourish your baby you will feel very heavy and drained out. In order to loose the additional weight and to increase your energy levels you need to make a few adjustments in your diet and lifestyle. I know it’s not easy to include an exercise routine into your life as you have a load of new responsibilities. However you can find ways to turn all your new responsibilities into opportunities to loose weight.Start with breast feeding your child. This is a natural instinct of a mother. Not only does it offer nourishment to the child it also helps you to trim the excess fat that you gained during your pregnancy. It will help you to return to your size in no time. As an added benefit you will also be able to reduce the size of your breast. Breast feeding also allows you to trim the flab on your belly.

Since you are breast feeding you may continue to eat large portions however you must ensure that you are not binging. Sometimes women are unable to control their urge to binge even after delivering their babies. This results in excess fats accumulating on the body. This is the main reason why women look bulky after pregnancy and are unable to regain their post pregnancy weight.

Reduce your calorie consumption by 100 calories daily. This will help you to reduce excess weights and fats in your body. By reducing the calories in your diet you will be able to loose 1 lb. per month. Cutting calories is very easy. Simply swap the can of aerated beverages with water or eat a handful of nuts instead of a pack of chips.

Drinking water helps to control weight gain. If your body gets dehydrated it will store water in the body. This makes you look and feel bloated. In order to prevent this you need to drink water. It will eliminate toxins from the body and thereby make you look and feel lighter.

Eat healthy snacks like fruits and nuts rather than chips and fried foods.