Weight Loss Remedies With Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are also called ajwain are oval in shape, tiny and ridged. These seeds are extremely beneficial for the digestion of the food. They are considered as useful digestive aid. These seeds are not only used for cooking food but also possess a lot of medicinal properties. The rich content of iron in the carom seeds aids in providing a healthy immune system.

Boil some carom seeds in water and intake that water slowly. It provides a soothing effect on the stomach and helps the individual to cope up with dysentery problems. A mixture Carom seeds help to clear mucous and is extremely valuable for the treating of respiratory problems of the individuals. A mixture of carom seeds and buttermilk aids in the relieving of difficult expectoration that have occurred from dry phlegm.

These seeds are also known to be popular for the treating of muscular pains and should be fried in coconut oil in order to be massaged as a liniment for the treating of the condition. Besides this, carom seeds are known to work wonders in fighting away cough, cold as well as influenza indications. However, excess consumption of carom seeds can cause dryness of fluid and damage the eyes.

Carom seeds belong to Umbeliferae family and are popular as digestive aid to the human body. Since, these seeds have extremely beneficial effect on the digestive system; it helps the metabolism of the body to work well and thereby helps to reduce the weight naturally. It may happen so that the time taken to lose weight might take a longer period of time but one can be rest assured that it can have no side effects if the carom seeds are consumed daily in the diet.

Here is another very good tip for losing weight with the help of carom seeds. Intake 5ml carom seeds each day early in the morning in an empty stomach. Consume the breakfast after about 30 minutes of the intake of carom seeds. You are sure to lose about 5 kg in a month and aid the people who suffer from overweight.

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