What are the Benefits of Emu Oil

May centuries ago emu oil was very popular however as time passed it was forgotten and took a back seat as other products became more popular. In recent times the benefits of emu oil have been rediscovered. The emu oil is very versatile and can be used to help cure many different ailments and conditions. It is commonly used today in the health care and beauty industries due to its all natural properties and its astounding capabilities.

Emu oil is a powerful regenerator and it is used to cure and heal problems with bones and joints and it is also used to help repair skin. The regenerative effects of emu oil can also be utilized on hair. It can be used both internally as well as an externally as a topical cream or ointment. Due to this it is once again gaining the popularity that it once enjoyed many centuries ago.

Emu oil is derived or obtained from the emu which is a flightless bird. The oil is extracted from the non edible portions of the emu bird. This natural remedy is not a new one and was first used by the aboriginal tribes in Australia. They used the extract to help treat wounds and cuts, Burns and scrapes, muscle pains and aches. Primarily their use of the extract was topical and the internal healing powers of the emu oil has been discovered only very recently through modern medicine. It is used in many skin care products as it helps to reduce wrinkles and also helps the skin to regain elasticity and a youthful look. The emu oil is also antibacterial in nature and also hypoallergenic which has further helped it increase its recognition among healthcare enthusiasts.

The emu oil helps to thicken the skin which prevents it from loosing moisture which is often lost due to aging or due to other environmental reasons. The emu oil penetrates the skin and replenishes the dermis layer of the skin which makes a person look more youthful. This layer of the skin contains the oils and sweat glands and tends to become weak and thin over time.