What Are The Exercises That Can Help After Childbirth

Childbirth is a delightful experience for most mothers and they feel happy having brought another human being to this earth which they can nurse and nurture as their own. However this experience brings with it the duty to bring back one’s body to the normal healthy condition. One needs to look after themselves well, so as to be strong and fit to bring up the living being, which is her own. Exercises, help to fulfill this need of the mother after childbirth. Hence it is necessary to know what are the exercises that can help one to achieve this objective.

The first few weeks say until 4 weeks is required for the mother to take adequate rest after childbirth. It would help if she could join aerobic classes or do aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, swimming and running. This can help her lose the puppy fat that she gained during her pregnancy and because of lack of activity after childbirth. Aerobic exercises after childbirth can help to improve the functioning of the heart, so that it could pump oxygen effectively to the other cells of the body. It is best to have a companion while exercising after childbirth. It really helps to keep one motivated.

Next, it is best to do exercises that one’s doctor advises one to do after childbirth which would help bring bladder control and prevent prolapse of the uterus after vaginal delivery childbirth. Kegel exercises is one such exercise which could actually help in this condition. Kegel exercises done after childbirth involves the squeezing of the pelvic muscles done while sitting down. So, it can be done at any time at any place.

However  this exercise is best done when one’s urinary bladder is fully empty.  It is best that one does 20 to 30 squeezes of the pelvic muscles and repeats this exercise 2 to 3 times in a day.

Besides, every woman who has had a normal delivery should be as active as she can be, cultivate and maintain a positive attitude in life. In addition to exercises a routine with normal activities could really help the body to come back to it’s normal self  fast. Hence resuming doing these exercises can help any woman to come back to her normal self after childbirth.