What Are The Treatments For Allergies

Different kinds of allergies are being discovered these days. They can cause various problems if left untreated for a longer time. Medicines are also available in the markets but you cannot intake any of them without the advice of a good doctor.

It you still want to start a treatment immediately then do it using some natural treatments. Some of the effective once are listed below:

Intake of Vitamin C would be helpful in treating allergies and many fruits and vegetable are rich in this substance so you can take them without any tensions for side effects. Vitamin rich food items are pepper, broccoli, and fruits especially citrus once. You can have spinach, plums and berries also for the intake of Vitamin C.

Remedies for skin allergies:

Skin allergies can be treated by using herbal application techniques.

Mix lemon juice with sandalwood and use this paste to be applied on the areas that are affected by the allergic reactions. Another effective treatment would be to create a paste with coconut oil and lime. Then apply it over the affected portion of your skin. If you are willing to treat the problem of itching then use the procedure of mashing the papaya seed and making a paste. Then use this application as one of the best treatments for itching.

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