What Benefits does Vitamin E Offer Your Skin

Almost everything that we do causes damage to our skin. Smoke, pollution, exposure to the sun and heat cause skin damage and to fight this we add chemicals to our skin in an attempt to repair it. Such kind of damage will cause spots on the skin, premature aging and can also lead to cancer.

When vitamin E oil is applied to the surface of the skin it gets absorbed and acts as an anti oxidant that helps to fight free radicals. The oil is also a good anti inflammatory agent and hence you are able to fight many skin ailments with the oil.

The oil is used in several cosmetics that are promoted as anti aging products. The oil helps to fight wrinkles and fine lines that are formed on the face and hence they slow down the aging process and help you to look younger.

The oil is also used to give one protection against sun damage. Massage the oil into your skin 20 minutes before you are about to expose yourself to the sun and you will be well protected from any UV damage. Massage it into your skin and once it gets absorbed by the upper layers it begins protecting you against sun damage like sun burns and tans. Thus the oil is used in several sunscreen formulas.

The oil acts as an eraser against scars and stretch marks. Massage the oil into your skin daily in order to wipe out any traces of scars. The oil will start softening the area instantly and then will continue to fade away any scars. It works bet with acne scars though you they are not effective with any surgical scars.

Vitamin E is also an effective cure for dry skin. Use the oil after a bath and massage it gently into your skin; it will get absorbed by the pores and will boost the skin’s natural oil balance. Using the oil prevents loss of moisture and the oil retains the natural moisture of the skin; thus making it healthy and well moisturized.

Though there are several benefits that your skin receives from this oil you must not use it unless you consult with your doctor about what is the best way to incorporate this oil into your skin care regime.