What Causes Hair Loss- How To Treat?

Hair loss is a common problem for most of the individuals of the world. Previously most of us had the idea that loss of hair is only a problem of the aged but presently the young adults and even the teens are facing this crisis. Although hair falling is a natural phenomenon and some amount of hair fall everyday is natural, but excessive hair falling is definitely a matter of grave concern and might be a result of the mixture of a number of issues.

In the case of normal hair fall, the new hair replaces that of the old ones that have fallen on its own. But in case of abnormal hair loss, a number of causes like hormonal changes, overactive and under active thyroid condition, medications, stress, birth control pills, crash dieting, genetic factors, infections, certain illnesses, malnutrition, frequent hair styling, diabetes, unclean condition of scalp, poor blood circulation etc are mainly responsible for the abnormal loss of hair among the individuals. However one must not get stressed; Here are a few ways to treat excessive hair loss:

Healthy diet: Unhealthy diet is considered as one of the potent cause of hair fall. Regular intake of fast or processed food deprives the body of the various vital nutrients that are crucial for the body. This causes major hair loss among the individuals. Hence intake of fresh and healthy food, green vegetables and fresh fruits on a regular basis helps to fight back hair loss as the body gets the vital vitamins and essential nutrients that are fundamental for the body.

Onion and honey: Take a piece of onion and rub it on the bald area of the scalp. Continue to rub it unless the area of the scalp turns red and then apply honey to that area. This is considered as one of the most effective remedies for baldness and thinning hairline.

Combing: The sufferers should take care while combing the hair. The hairs must not be pulled or brushed when it is wet. Instead brushing must be done when the hairs have dried up a little. Combing should be done with a wide toothed comb when still damp in order to avoid pulling off of hair and, split ends.