What Constitutes a Healthy Diet for Kids

Children love to eat food; the problem is that the food that they want to eat is neither healthy nor nutritious. In order to get them to eat the right foods one needs to have a strict diet plan and the ability to get the children to eat the kind of food that is healthy and nutritious. A child’s diet must comprise of the essential amounts of calories; this depends on the child’s age and sex. Most children skip breakfast and tend to snack all day long on sugary delights. In order to prevent this one must prepare a food schedule for the week; this must list the foods for the day at all meals. Healthy eating will reduce the chances of obesity and health issues at later stages.

A child’s diet must comprise of carbohydrates. They help to generate energy in large volumes. Carbohydrates also promote the immune system to function better. Some of the foods that are high in carbohydrates are rice, wheat and maize. You can give the kids bread and pasta once in a while.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. They add vitamins and minerals to the body and are nutritious. Fibrous fruits like apples and melons are good as they prevent constipation. Eating veggies helps to prevent diseases. If your children are fussy about eating these foods then prepare fruit salads, puddings or juice the fruits. Make sure that the child gets 3 to 4 servings of fruits daily.

Dairy is very important. As a matter of fact ensure that the children start the day with a glass of milk; it wouldn’t hurt you to do the same. Milk is rich in calcium and this helps to strengthen the bones and teeth. Other dairy foods include cheese, buttermilk and yogurt.

Children must also get a healthy serving of protein daily. This can be acquired from eggs and fish. Chicken is also a good source of protein. Ensure that you prepare it with minimum oil in order to maintain the healthy diet. Grilled and baked chicken are a good option.

Keep the kids away from fast foods and beverages as far as possible. Set an example by eliminating these foods in your diet as well.

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