What Do You Do if You Suffer from Constipation Frequently

If getting constipated is a part of your routine then you need to take care of this condition in order to avoid further complications. Your body gets constipated when the body lacks the right amount of water. This is your body’s way of telling you that it is not happy with the amount of water in it and that it requires you to increase your water consumption. In addition to drinking additional amounts of water there are several other natural ways to prevent constant constipation.

Besides drinking water you can look at additional sources of water. Fruit and vegetable juices are a good source of natural water. You also need to look at natural diuretics and tonics that help in the elimination of waste and help to improve bowel movements. Fortunately Mother Nature has provided us with plenty of options so it is best to take advantage of these options.

Aloe Vera juice is very beneficial in this case. Not only does it aid digestion it also increases the amount of natural liquids in the body thereby ensuring that the waste in eliminated from the body daily. If you are not keen on having the juice daily then ensure that you drink it a few times a week; don’t wait to get constipated and use it as a cure because it won’t work if you do so. Remember, the juice is a preventive measure not a treatment.

Infuse fenugreek seeds in hot water and let it simmer in the water for a few minutes. Strain the concoction to get rid of the seeds from the water and add honey to sweeten the tea. Drink this often; as a matter of fact you can drink this herbal blend every morning instead of a cup of tea or coffee. The blend offers solace against a variety of stomach related issues so it is a good idea to drink it as often as possible.

Cinnamon sticks or powder is also effective in curing constipation. This is a remedy that can be used when you are constipated; it is not a preventive measure. Add a small cinnamon stick to your tea blend or simply grind it to a powder and add it to your cup of tea, sprinkle it on your food, cakes and pastries and infuse it with your snacks when you are constipated. While ingesting the herb will help to relieve you of this condition the aroma will sooth your senses reduce your stress.