What do you do When you Suffer from Stomach Bloating?

When you experience flatulence and a feeling of gas buildup in your stomach you are experiencing bloating. This normally occurs when you eat spicy food or do not exercise appropriately.

Care must be taken if you experience these symptoms daily or regularly as it may lead to peptic ulcers forming in the stomach and the mouth. It may also lead to cancer if not given the right treatment for a prolonged period of time.

While there are several cures for this issue there are several precautionary measures too. Let’s look at how to prevent and cure stomach bloating.

Firstly, in order to prevent the sensation one must exercise regularly. Walking for a few minutes everyday is a good way to regulate the bowels and prevent them from getting bloated. Also, when you begin to feel uneasy and experience the bloating you must take a brisk walk.

Make it a habit to walk for a few minutes after every meal. Also, eat several small meals everyday rather than eating one large meal. Eat at every 3 to 4 hour intervals so that your body has the time to digest all the food from the previous meal. Avoid over eating at meals because you may suffer from heartburn sensation which can lead to stomach bloating and will give rise to the formation of ulcers.

If you experience bloating often then you must avoid eating foods that are high in starch content and spicy foods. Rice is rich in starch so it must be avoided for the night meals. Also, avoid eating foods that contain a high amount of spices or salt as it may lead to some degree of discomfort.

Though fiber is good for your body; eating a high amount of fiber can lead to your body not being able to process it. This will have a direct impact on your stomach and you will experience a bloating sensation almost immediately.

One of the main causes of stomach bloating has been linked to irregular bowel movements or constipation. This is a huge issue as it impacts almost all aspects of your health.

If you do not have a bowel movement everyday you need to be concerned. Drinking plenty of water during the day will help you to regulate your bowel movements. Exercising and getting plenty of physical activity into your daily routine will also prove to be an asset.