4 Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol


High Cholesterol

People with high cholesterol have to be very careful with respect to the foods they eat. High cholesterol is not at all good for health, and may pose heart related risks.

People having increased cholesterol level are at a greater risk of being affected by heart diseases like stroke and heart attack. It is imperative to keep a check on the foods consumed, so that appropriate level of cholesterol is maintained.

Full cream milk, egg yolks, and butter are a few foods which should be avoided by people with high cholesterol level. Also, it is recommended to avoid the ingestion of foods enriched with saturated fats. In this article, we shall discuss about certain high cholesterol foods to avoid.

Foods To Avoid With High Cholesterol 

Food Products Obtained From Animals

Dairy Products

The food products that are produced from animals are rich in cholesterol content, and should be therefore avoided. A few examples include whole milk dairy products, cream, ice cream, butter, cream cheese, certain types of shellfish (e.g. shrimp), goose, and duck.

Apart from all these high cholesterol foods, it is strongly advised to restrict the consumption of liver and egg yolk. These two food products are abundant in cholesterol content and should be definitely excluded from the diet.

Foods Rich In Saturated Fats And Trans-Fats

Foods Rich In Saturated Fats And Trans-Fats

Saturated fats are tremendously harmful for people suffering from high cholesterol. Saturated fats are bad fats which not only raise the cholesterol level, but also result in increased body weight. Consumption of foods enriched with saturated fats result in an increase in bad cholesterol level.

In order to keep the heart in good health, it is strongly recommended to avoid the ingestion of these bad fats in the regular diet plan. Both animal and plant based food products are enriched with saturated fats. A few animal based food products containing saturated fats consist of veal, poultry, beef, egg yolks, processed meats, and butter.

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Among plant based food products, coconut oil, coconuts, palm oil, and palm kernel oil are a few examples. Apart from saturated fats, it is also advised to limit the intake of trans-fats in the diet. Commercially baked food products, margarines, cookies, crackers, fried foods, and processed foods are a few examples. Among fats, trans-fats are considered to be more harmful than saturated fats for people with high cholesterol.

Eating in a smart way is very important to keep a check on the cholesterol level. The above discussion on high cholesterol foods to avoid clearly reveals that trans-fats and saturated fats are absolutely not recommended. Apart from taking note of the aforementioned tips, it is also advised to keep the intake of sodium to minimum most level.

fresh fruits

With the help of cutting down on the ingestion of sodium in the diet, adequate level of blood pressure would be maintained. Also, the cholesterol level would be kept under control by eating foods low in sodium content.

The food products for people with high cholesterol should mainly consist of green vegetables, fresh fruits, and fresh fruit juices. Following a healthy diet plan would surely help in keeping the cholesterol level under check, hence maintaining adequate heart health.