What Kind of Treatment is Helpful in Removing Dark Skin?

3 Treatment To Removing Dark Skin

The most important thing for the skin is to remove the blemishes etc. This would help in lightening the color tone of your skin to a great extent. Skin lightening is itself a treatment for dark skin. And for this you need to use some good home remedies.

Start by using potato slices for your skin at least for the face. If you apply them regularly over the face most of the blemishes and scars would get treated. This would also improve the color tone of the skin.

lime juice

A very common application treatment is the mixture of tomato juice in curd and oatmeal. You can apply this paste on the face and other parts of the body also and stay for around 15-20 minutes. Then use cold water for washing out. It will improve the skin tone and the tanned area.

potato slices

You can even use the mint leaves for improving the skin. Create a paste with fresh leaves and keep in over the area for 15-20 mins at least. Then wash it with water. Repeat this technique for approx 15-17 days for better results.

Tomato mixture created by lime juice and mashed tomatoes is very much effective for the skin. You can apply this application again for at least 15 mins and repeat this process for 15 days. You’ll definitely get better results.

tomato juice