What to do When you Jam Your Finger

Jam Finger

What to do When you Jam Your Finger I have jammed my fingers in doors and have jammed others the same way. My biggest fear is that my daughter does not have to go through that sort of pain ever.It is not uncommon for toddlers and younger children to jam their fingers in doors and while moving objects around. This causes a lot of pain and the skin may get red as well. The first reaction must be to check if the bone has been affected. If this is the case you need to rush to the emergency room immediately. However, if the bone seems fine then caring for it at home will suffice.

What to do When you Jam Your Finger

Start with immersing the fingers in ice cold water. This will help to numb the area and reduce the pain. On the down side the pain returns when you remove the fingers from the water. For a better impact you must use an ice pack on the finger. Resting the finger will also help to ease the pain and discomfort. Ice Pack For Jam Finger Use an ice cream stick and tie it around your finger in order to prevent moving it. The longer you rest your finger the quicker it will heal. Elevate the finger in order to ensure good circulation and reduce the pain. Ice Cream Stick For Jam Finger Soaking the finger in warm water and Epsom’s salt will also help to relieve the pain and ease the discomfort. It will also increase the blood circulation in the area and ensure that the pain reduces. You must ensure that you let your fingers rest for a minimum of 3 to 4 days. Depending on the intensity of the pain; the finger can take upto 6 months to heal and you must let it take its time to heal. Tape the finger to another in order to prevent its mobility. Pain Killers For Jam Finger You may use over the counter pain killers to keep the pain away. However; prolonged use of these kinds of drugs will have adverse effects on your body. You must also ensure that you use a topical cream on the fingers to help to reduce the pain and swelling or any signs of skin reddening

When you Jam Your Finger