What To Do When Your Sinus Congestion Disrupts your Lifestyle

Those suffering from sinus congestion are often complaining about how they lead restless nights. Sinus congestion are characterized by stuffy noses, inability to breathe with ease, headaches as a result of lack of sleep and a constant fear of a sinus attack. This condition intensifies as the weather changes and with a change in the pollution levels.

If you constantly suffer from a runny nose, watery discharge from the eyes and from constant sneezing then you will need to analyze the conditions that cause this disruption.

Often you will notice that there are certain conditions known as allergens that leads to this attacks. Stay away from factors that cause this condition. Locate your triggers in order to reduce the possibility of an attack.

If the congestion is causing a disruption in your sleep patterns then the easiest way to get rid of the condition is to boil a pot of water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water.

Let it simmer for a few minutes then place your head over the pot of boiling water; this will open your sinuses naturally and help you to sleep better at night. The eucalyptus oil will reduce the mucus congestion in your nasal passage and open the passage there by allowing you to breathe easier.

Most people who suffer from sinus congestion complain about attacks in the night. If you relate with this condition then you must use a humidifier in your room at night. This will increase the amount of moisture in your room and reduce the possibility of a sinus attack naturally.

Those suffering from sinus congestion must reduce their intake of dairy products. Milk and milk products are often linked with sinus congestion and attacks and thus their intake must be eliminated as often as possible. Eating spicy foods will help to reduce sinus attacks and thus one must eat spicy foods. Foods with preservatives are not beneficial to those who suffer from sinus congestion.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of sinus congestion is to have a hot shower or bath. Start filling the hot water in the bath tub and sit in the bathroom as the tub fills up. The vapors from the hot water will reduce your sinus congestion. When the tub is full you can soak in the water for a few minutes and your sinuses will reduce automatically.