What To Eat When You Are Breastfeeding

Mothers and grandmothers claim that the food you eat will help your child. This is no wives tale; the scientific truth is that the food that we eat directly nourishes your new born. Hence the right diet is extremely important.

When you are lactating; forget about the number of calories you eat every day. The more you eat the better your milk production and the more nourishment is available for your child, however the key is to eating the right foods. Do not worry about losing your pregnancy weight; it will take care of itself automatically within a few months as you lessen your lactation.

Continue eating the same foods as you did when you were pregnant. If your baby enjoyed eating it before birth, she will continue to like it even after. You must however stay clear of spicy and sour food. Watch your baby’s bowel movements. If she gets constipated or has several bowel movements it is due to the food you are eating and hence you must take precautions and closely monitor your food.

You must eat a serving or 2 of vegetables, 4 servings of fruits, 4 ounces of fish or a protein substitute, 6 ounces of meat (either red or white) and 3 servings of dairy. Eat plenty of whole grains and lentils. Leafy green vegetables boiled or steamed are extremely nutritious and a wise choice for mom and baby.

Continue abstinence of alcohol and tobacco for the entire duration of the lactation period.

You will need to drink plenty of fluids. Water as always should be on the top of your list. Fruit juices, sports drinks and smoothies are good choices. Avoid sodas and colas, coffee and tea as they have high amounts of caffeine that have adverse effects on the baby.

If your child suffers from colic; then you must keep the baby’s doctor informed about your diet as well. There is a high chance that your child has an allergic reaction to the food that you are eating.