When to begin anti-ageing precautions

Its not until you get to see that one white strand of hair or that wrinkle that you actually begin to worry about the creases of ageing. Most women tend to procrastinate taking care of their bodies until it becomes a wee bit difficult if not impossible to incorporate anti-ageing measures in their lives. Today, when there is more of pollution, sedentary lifestyles, less of exercise and more of stress, women’s bodies are showing faster signs of ageing. This means they need to start taking that ‘extra’ bit of care for their skin much earlier than the ‘olden days.’

Premature ageing can be prevented by beginning skin care as early as in the 20’s. More so because more and more women are going to work. The traveling and the stress can spoil your skin even faster than you think. The infrared rays are the first ageing elements in your otherwise young skinned life. Protect yourself by using sunscreen whenever you go out. Avoid eating junk food and use the gym often. What starts of as an effort will slowly progress into a healthy lifestyle, as you grow older. This will also slow your ageing process. Always cleanse your face with a cleansing skin after you come from outside and before going to bed. As you grow older and bloom in your 30’s begin using a moisturizer regularly as your body begins to lose its oil content. Use sunscreens with powerful antioxidants. Go regularly for your facials preferably once every month. Use chemical peels once in three months. They help in reducing the wrinkles and lines.  Some women may prefer to go in for a botox too. An appointment with a dermatologist becomes necessary, as you grow even older.

You can even use homemade facials to rejuvenate and tighten your skin. If you have age on your side, you can be assured that by the time you reach your 40’s and 50’s you have clear and healthy skin with lesser wrinkles and flaws. Its never too late to start.