White Vaginal Discharge That Troubles Women

When females are not menstruating, there is secretion of white discharge from vagina. This is a normal healthy discharge that is present in all females. But when this discharge is increased in quantity, then it is called as Leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea is a common condition seen in females. This leucorrhoeal discharge is non purulent, non irritant and non offensive in character. When there is infection of vagina due to fungus or bacteria, then this discharge becomes purulent, offensive or irritating in character. The discharge caused due to such infections should not be termed as leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea is sometimes referred to any discharge from vagina which is white or yellowish –white in colour. There is an increase in normal vaginal secretions during some phases in female life. Increased secretion is seen during pregnancy, at puberty, at ovulation around the 14th day of menstrual cycle.

It is increased at puberty because the hormones start becoming active during that period. Later on decreases as the hormonal cycle is stabilised. In pregnancy due to increase in vascularity of the female genital tract, the discharge is increased.

Leucorrhoea arises from two locations in the female genital tract namely the cervix and the vaginal walls. When the cervix is affected and there is inflammation of the cervix causing chronic cervicitis, then this discharge can increase in amount. Leucorrhoea occurs sometimes due to disease such as cervical erosion, mucous polyps in the cervix.

Leucorrhoea occurring from vagina can be due to congestion of ovaries, inflammatory disease of the pelvis and also due to simple causes like constipation and sedentary life. Usually a non irritating increase in discharge, settles down on its own after some time. Many women do not get alarmed due to leucorrhoea. But it is important to check with a doctor if the leucorrhoea becomes thick, offensive or purulent in nature. It can be a sign of infection.

To cure leucorrhoea is not so difficult. A healthy lifestyle, eating balanced food, good body activity can decrease leucorrhoea. Eating foods that are rich in iron, vitamins and fibres helps to balance hormones and cure anaemia and constipation. This in turn helps in curing leucorrhoea. So stay healthy and stay away from leucorrhoea.