Why do We Need to Drink Water?

From the time I was a child heard my mother tell me to drink 8 glasses of water daily. She would nag and run after me with my glass. She would even pack me off to school with a water bottle, it was embarrassing. I wondered why I needed to drink so much water. What was so great about water?

Our body comprises of 80% of water. Blood, heart, lungs and muscles are all made up of water. We need water in our systems to regulate our temperature and tohelp regulate our system as well as to allow nutrients to flow to different parts of the body. Water helps in digestion and elimination of waste from our bodies.

We need to constantly hydrate our bodies in order to maintain good health. It is important to drink water as other liquids steal the amount of water from our bodies. Coffee and tea tend to dehydrate the body.

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

Water is lost by respiration, perspiration and by urination. It is important to replace the water that has been lost. If you are active and your work includes manual labor then you tend to loose more water from your body. Odor from urine as well as a very dark yellow color is one of the main symptoms of dehydration. Joints pain, backache as well as muscle pulls are signs of dehydration.

How much water you need to drink is directly proportionate to your weight. For example if you are 100pounds then you need to drink 5 ounces of water on a daily basis. There are a few rules here. 20% of you water requirements comes from your foods. If you drink alcohol, then the number of glasses of alcohol you drink should be equal to the number of glasses of water you replace in your system as alcohol is dehydrating. Exercise drink can replace water; however you need to beware of ones that have high sugar content.

At times it may be difficult to drink enough water due to hectic work schedules or travel. Always keep a bottle of water handy. Grab a sip every now and then. If you are not a fan of water then add flavors like lime or fruit squashes to it.