Winter Skin Care Tips for Women in their 20’s – Recommended by Dermatologists

Taking care of your skin and appearances during winter is very important; this is especially true for women in their early 20’s who think that their young skin will not take a beating during the cold months. If you do not have the right skin care routine your skin will be prone to flaking and white patches. This will make it dull and lifeless.

Though you are in your 20’s and in the prime of your life you must remember to avoid dry skin for the mere fact that dry skin is aging skin. Retaining moisture in your skin in vital to your health. Use a moisturizing soap on the skin to keep it looking healthy. This is especially true for when you are cleaning the skin. Remember to avoid using hot water on your skin as it takes away moisture from your skin. Once you clean the skin it will look healthy and soft. Then you need to use a good moisturizing lotion, cream or oil. I recommend using almond based products on your skin as they are the best for moisturizing your skin.

Avoid using an alcohol based toner on your skin as it will remove all the natural oils from your skin; this is very important during the winter months. Use a natural toner like witch hazel on your skin to retain the moisture in your skin yet give it a deep cleansing.

The last and most important step is to deal with the area around your mouth and your lips. This area tends to get dry and develop white patches while at the same time your lips begin to peel as a result of dry skin. In order to prevent this you must use a good moisturizer on the area. When you are at home you must soak a cotton ball in milk and apply it to your lips and the area around it. The lactic acid in the milk will help to add moisture to the skin and prevent the formation of white patches. At night you can use Vaseline on the area to protect your skin.