Woman Skin Treatments From The Kitchen Shelf

Skin treatments for a woman to have a smooth and radiant skin does not mean buying costly cosmetics or going for a treatment to a beauty parlor. Women can find various skin treatments that can be done with the things available on their own kitchen shelf.

It is best to tone up one’s skin by using yogurt from your kitchen shelf. Just massage the top layer of yogurt all over your face and neck. Wash it off with a  napkin wrung in hot water followed by splashing ice cold water. This treatment is ideal for both oily and dry skins.

Besides, one can just mix honey with lime to give a superior type of moisturizer that  one can use in all seasons. For an ideal skin treatment for old women cream from one’s the kitchen shelf can be warmed and applied on the skin to bring about a noticeable change in the texture of the skin.

Every woman who wants to pamper herself with a face mask from the things on her own kitchen shelf can use this treatment as an excellent face mask. Almond powder can be mixed with hot fresh milk cream, lime and turmeric powder and applied to the face. Similarly the peels of orange can be ground and mixed with glycerin and used as a face mask to give a real petal soft skin.

Every woman should try out this face mask which could give a smooth, silky and well-nourished skin. Mix a ripe mashed banana with milk cream, a pinch of turmeric powder and some olive oil and make this useful face mask.

Besides any woman can use this simple face mask made out of the thick paste of egg yolk, honey and milk cream and bring to life a dull dry complexion. Almond oil mixed with honey and egg yolk and applied to parched skin of the face or body also does wonders.

Vaseline jelly, body lotions which are not too expensive can do wonders to one’s dry lips, body and face. It is best for any woman to use this useful skin treatment which is almost always available on one’s kitchen shelf. However it is best to make sure that one uses it after a warm bath and avoids talcum powders which will dry the skin.

To conclude, any woman who wants to save her money and time in buying cosmetics and wants the natural beauty skin treatments which promise good results she can easily find all the things she needs for her skin treatments in her kitchen shelf.