Wonders of Castor Oil

Castor beans are native to India; however due to their growing popularity in beauty and health products they are now being cultivated in the tropics. The oil has a large number of health benefits besides the fact that it is used for skin disorders as well. It has anti oxidant properties and hence is used in food preparations.

With regards to your health, the anti oxidant properties of castor oil help to get rid of free radicals from your body and help to flush out toxins that are harmful. In the case of constipation; castor oil is used to ensure regular bowel movements. The oil is popular for its anti viral, anti fungal and antibacterial properties and hence can be used in the case of any infection that is caused due to growth of bacteria. In order to get rid of fatigue and depression castor oil is used internally. It helps to increase the flow of the lymphatic fluids. The healing powers of the oil are unimaginable. In the case of arthritis, gout and joint pains the oil must be massaged on the affected area to get relief.

As a beauty aid the oil is extremely impressive. If you suffer from dry heels then you must massage the oil on your feet and then soak your feet in hot water. This will automatically soften the skin and get rid of the dead cells. In you have dry skin then you must use the oil to massage your body. It has moisturizing properties and keeps your skin young and youthful. It is a great beauty aid during the winter as it keeps your skin soft and prevents the formation of dry patches. Use it as massage oil and then have a shower. You can use the oil daily.

In order to get rid of dandruff you must massage your scalp with the oil and keep it over night. You can wash it in the morning to reveal dandruff free hair. If you have extremely thin eyebrows and lashes then you must use the oil on your eyes every night to increase the growth of your lashes and brows.