Yes, Exercise Is Also Necessary For Weight Loss

Everyone has their own method of losing weight. Some take up to a restriction of diet, while others combine exercise with it. There are some who believe in a strict exercise routine or strict diet routine only. However it is necessary to combine exercise with changes in diet to be successful in loss of weight in the long run. In fact, only changes in diet can foster weight gain after some time. Also such people turn grumpy, tired and hungry at most times.

Exercise along with diet restrictions is very necessary because it helps promote weight loss with increased level of energy. It is also interesting to note that exercise fosters energy which leads to the person being more active. This increase in activity helps lose weight faster in the long run.

Exercise helps in the loss of weight by promoting a feeling of goodness. When a person feels good of himself he is motivated to be more active. This feeling is particularly necessary for a person to get over cravings for sweet and fatty foods. Besides exercise controls the tendency to overeat because a person is mentally depressed about his weight and it’s consequences.

Doing cardio exercises is found to be necessary and could help weight loss because it would be much difficult to lose weight by dieting only. Besides to lose 1lb of weight you need to reduce 3500 calories meaning 500 calories a day less for one week. Doing this by diet alone would mean lower metabolism and weakness in the individual.

Exercise is necessary along with diet changes because an increase in muscle mass and size of muscle fiber requires calories from the fat deposits of the body. The increase in energy requirements makes it necesary to burn more fat. The more the muscles the faster is the necessity to burn calories and lose weight.

Yes, you have to combine diet restrictions with exerise and activities the person enjoys doing for atleast 30 minutes in a day. It is best for the person to eat high water-content, low calories and fiberous foods like veggies and fruits. A person who wants to lose weight is the best judge regarding the ativity he wants to take up to fulfill his goal. He should be regular in that activity with necessary diet restrictions to effect loss of weight.