Yoga For Female Health

Yoga is a traditional way to maintain physical and mental health of the human body. It originated in early Vedic period of India. Patanjali was the one who lead down the principles of yoga. Yoga is a spiritual way to keep away from injurious effects of unhealthy diet and life style.

Women today are trying to balance their professional and domestic life. For such women, yoga is a boon. Yoga not only helps in removing stress from the mind, it also provides internal strength to tackle day to day stressful situations. Practicing yoga daily helps women to rejuvenate themselves physically and de-stress their mind. Yoga helps women in gaining a glowing skin and a fit body without any disadvantages. Various studies have shown that women who perform yoga daily have less eating problems and high healthy lifestyle.

Yoga is beneficial for women of all ages and from all walks of life. It does not require special equipments and drastic changes in lifestyle to include yoga in the daily routine. It can help to release the discomfort experienced by women during menstruation and pregnancy. If done properly and regularly, yoga has many benefits. It increases flexibility of the body. It tones body muscles and helps in posture perfection. It improves digestion of food and detoxifies body of harmful chemicals. It heals the back pain and accelerates the body healing capability.

Women can choose different asanas or postures depending on their problems and convenience. Bhujanga or Cobra posture helps in making child birth easy and relieving menstrual problems. Utthita Shirshasana, Matsyendrasana, Kagasana, Nabhiyasana, Yoniasana and other asanas are particularly helpful for women health.

Yoga can be practiced in any time of the day but it is advisable to perform it in early morning. The environment of early morning generally remains fresh and calm which helps in reaping maximum benefits of yoga. Never perform yoga in direct sunlight and after bathing. Women should take extra care to perform asanas during menstrual period and pregnancy.

Asanas like Uddiyana, Pascimatana, Yoga-mudra , Ardha-Matsyendrasana and all those asanas which give pressure in the abdominal region should be avoided by pregnant women. Asanas like Mayurasana need special supervision of a trained teacher. If done carefully, yoga is the best way for all round development of women.