You Can Stop Cataract Permanently

A cataract forms when the lenses that are present inside our eyes get cloudy and blocks the visibility. The main cause of cataract is age. Other causes of cataract are excessive exposure to sunlight, diabetes, trauma etc. There was a notion that cataract could not be prevented, but a recent study shows that cataract can be prevented fully if you take timely and necessary care.

Protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Whenever you go out in the sun do not forget to cover your eyes with sunglasses. It is a wise decision to cover your children’s eyes with sunglasses too if they remain exposed to the sun for long. Use dark tinted and UV rays protective glasses in your sunglasses. UV rays of sun are very harmful and accelerate the growth of the cataract. Wearing sunglasses may slowdown the development of the cataract.

Diabetes is another vital cause of cataract formation and also glaucoma. That is why diabetics are advised to keep their sugar level in blood under control. Take necessary measure in time for this purpose.

Prolonged use of some medicines causes cataract. Medicines like steroids, tranquilizers and those for psoriasis may cause cataracts when these medicines are taken daily or in large doses for a long time. Seek help and advice regarding precautionary measures from your physician and ophthalmologist. Drink adequate water to flush out the toxins and bad effects of medicine from the body.

Protect your eyes from trauma. Any type of injury to the eye can cause cataract immediately. Cataract should be treated from the very first stage of its formation.

Smoking also can cause cataract. Passive smokers too have a great risk of getting cataract. Actually any type of smoke and pollution leads to formation of cataract. That is why people of industrial areas are more prone to cataract. In this world of pollution you can at least stop smoking to stay away from cataract.

Research has shown that antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene prevent the development of cataract. One –a-day vitamin can be taken for the prevention of the cataract. But these should be always taken under the guidance of the doctor because all vitamins are not suitable for the body under certain circumstances.