Breakfast Foods To Lower High Cholesterol

Lower High Cholesterol

A typical breakfast will consist of eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, hash browns, toast, pancakes, donuts, and even pastries. All of these foods are can lead to high cholesterol. Since most of us like these foods there are ways to still make a good tasting breakfast all while eating foods that are healthy and help to lower cholesterol.


Eggs are a common breakfast item served up as poached, boiled, fried, scrambled or made into an omelet. Or eggs end up going into pancake mixes. The problem is not with the eggs, but with the egg yolks. Egg yolks are high in fats that lead to high cholesterol. You can still cook with eggs, just remove the yolks before making your favorite egg dish.


Bacon, sausage, ham and other breakfast meats are not good for us. While they taste great, they all are high in fat. Rather you can use substitutes for these meats that are healthy and taste fairly close to the real thing. Turkey bacon, turkey sausage or turkey ham can be used for us meat eaters. There are vegetable and soy based substitutes as well for vegetarians or for those of us wanting to reduce the amount of meat we consume.


The potato itself is not bad. However, when you take and make them into hash browns, you fry them in oil, which is not healthy. If you want breakfast potatoes, instead dice the potatoes up and bake them in the oven adding herbs and spices to add flavor.

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Pancakes, donuts and pastries should all be avoided because they are fried or have high fats. Rather eat a bowl of oatmeal and add fresh fruit like blueberries for added flavor. Or eat fresh fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries or melons.


You should also avoid using butter. Do not use butter to cook with. Do not put butter on your toast. Rather use a butter substitute. Or better yet use olive oil or canola oil to cook with. Make a natural jam by smashing up your favorite fruit and mix with a little honey and spread on your toast.

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