Can Children Get Hives?

Can Children Get Hives

Most cases of hives are the result of an allergic reaction or can be brought on by stress. Children can get hives just as easily as any adult. The child could have a food allergy or be allergic to detergents, soaps, pet dander, or other pollens. While children do not normally display signs of stress, there are certain situations that a child could experience stress. If there has been a recent traumatic event in the child’s live they could experience hives as a result of this stressful situation. Situations could be divorces of the child’s parents, a death in the immediate family, or even the death of a pet or friend the child had formed a bond with.

The biggest problem when treating children with hives is getting them to stop itching the affected areas. Repeated itching of the irritated skin can cause the bumps to break open and bleed. In severe cases scarring can even occur. One thing parents can do is cut their children’s finger nails. This will help to stop the nails from breaking open the skin. For younger children and toddlers, parents may need to put gloves on the child.

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Parents should avoid using over-the-counter treatments on toddlers and young children. There is a chance that child could accidently ingest the medication leading to other problems. There are many natural and herbal treatments parents can use without risk to the child.


Putting oatmeal into the child’s bathwater and letting them soak in the tub while playing is a good treatment. You can also make a paste using warm water and apply to the affected areas on the skin. Another herbal treatment is to use chamomile tea bags. Soak these in warm water and apply directly to the skin. Using gauze wrap the tea bag up so that it can stay attached to the skin. Involve the child and make a game out of covering up the bumps on the skin.

You can also use activities that keep the child’s hand busy and distract them from itching. Putting a puzzle together, coloring and playing with building blocks can be good distractions that will focus the child’s attention on the activity.

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