Causes And Symptoms Of Raynaud’s Syndrome

Our body encounters many problems most of which are unknown to the human body. There are many diseases that are not very common to find. You will not even recognize them to be medical diseases until you know about its symptoms and causes. Raynaud’s Disease is one such medical disease which is very rare to find. When you feel cold or is stressed, do you find your toes and your fingers becoming cold. Do they turn change color to blue or white?

Raynaud's Syndrome

These are some of the possible ways of identifying Raynaud’s Disease. People living in colder places are more likely to suffer form this disease. It is also more observed amongst women, people having a family history of the disease, and those above the age of 30. In this article you will understand the various features of  Raynaud’s Disease. So read on.

Various Causes And Symptoms Of Raynaud’s Syndrome

What Is Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud’s syndrome or the disease is an abnormality of the blood vessels or the arteries. When the body goes through an unpleasant situation such as cold weather, there is constriction in the arteries known as Vasospasm. Due to this, there is little or no blood flowing to affected areas such as the fingers and the toes. This condition is known as Raynaud’s syndrome.

Cold weather is deadly for the people who suffer from this condition as it turns the fingers and the toes white or blue very quickly. Also the body gets little time to come back to its normal color because of the increase constriction of the arteries.

What Is Raynaud's Syndrome

What Are The Possible Causes Of  Raynaud’s Syndrome

The main cause behind Raynaud’s syndrome is the constriction of the arteries due to bad weather condition or other conditions such as shock. When the body goes through these conditions there may be an unconditional thinning of the arteries or the blood vessels. The blood vessels need oxygen and when there is a lack in its oxygen content, it takes a white or a blue hue known as the Raynaud’s syndrome. These are the probable causes of primary Raynaud’s syndrome. For secondary Raynaud’s syndrome the causes can be smoking, arthritis and frost bite.

What Are The Possible Causes Of  Raynaud's Syndrome

What Are The Symptoms Of  Raynaud’s Syndrome

The symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome is not limited to that of a frost bite. Lacking in blood flow, the color of the skin in these area discolors and takes a blue or white tinge. This becomes very scary at times. When the normal flow of blood is returned the skin takes its normal red color but you will experience itching sensation in those places. This is the normal.

People who are not very aware about this condition might confuse this condition with other medical conditions such as  Psoriasis. This also causes skin discoloration. You are not to confuse it  with these conditions. People especially women tend to face this problem more.

What Are The Symptoms Of  Raynaud's Syndrome

What Are The Best Treatments For Raynaud’s Syndrome

Medicines are the best known treatment for curing Raynaud’s syndrome. There are certain drugs available in the market that your doctor can prescribe to treat or widen the blood vessels. Apart from this you can also go for home remedies or precautionary measures such as wearing multiple layers of clothes to prevent chills.

What Are The Best Treatments For Raynaud's Syndrome

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.