Causes Of Food Addiction

Food addiction is a medical condition where a person becomes addicted to eating food. Just like addictions to alcohol or drugs, this can be a serious medical condition if the person with addiction cannot regain control of their eating habits. A person can become addicted to food at any time regardless of age or sex.

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How a Person Develops a Food Addiction

There can be many different causes that lead to a food addiction. There are underlying psychological and social factors that can cause a person to become an addict.

There are also fast food chains that but added ingredients into their food that can lead to a food addiction. These added ingredients trigger responses in a person’s body that causes them to develop cravings for this unhealthy food.

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Symptoms of a Food Addiction

While symptoms can vary from person to person, the most common is a desire to consume food in excessive amounts fueled by cravings that cannot be fully satisfied, no matter how much of a particular food is consumed.

Other symptoms can include stress eating when a person is not hungry, depressions that result in eating, binge eating, eating excessive amounts of food in one sitting and then feeling guilty later, and consuming foods that are unhealthy or should not be eaten if a person is on a restrictive diet for other medical conditions.


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Food Addiction Types

There are several different types of food addictions that a person can develop. Most of the addictive behaviors can be diagnosed as eating disorders, like bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, and night time eating disorders, while others are related to underlying psychological problems.

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Treating a Food Addiction

The first step in treating a food addiction is for the person to acknowledge that there is a problem. Until the affected person can accept that fact that they have a problem there is little that can be done in the way of treatment.

Even with intervention by friends and family members, the affected person may attempt a treatment program but normally will not be successful until they are ready to come to terms and acceptance about their food addiction problem.

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