Common Aneurysm Symptoms

An aneurysm is a serious condition that occurs in the blood vessel. It is a balloon like bulge filled with blood on the wall of the blood vessel. Over time, the bulge will increase and the vessel will weaken. In serious cases, the aneurysm will rupture. This can cause severe health problems including death. Knowing what aneurysm symptoms to look for will help prevent these problems from occurring.

There are many different aneurysm symptoms to look for. One of the most common symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm is stiff neck or neck pain. It is especially common for brain aneurysms. Other aneurysm symptoms that occur when it has ruptured are nausea and vomiting, blurred or double vision, sensitivity to light and dilated pupils. You may also experience pain behind your eyes and loss of sensitivity. However, the most common aneurysm symptom that almost everyone experiences is a severe headache. It will feel like no other headache you have ever experienced. Almost like a severe migraine.

There are many different aneurysm symptoms that occur before it has ruptured. They act as a warning sign and may help you prevent the rupture from happening. Fatigue is a common aneurysm symptom that happens early on in development. The aneurysm is starting to grow, weakening the vessel and making it difficult for the blood to flow. This will cause a decrease in oxygen distribution and could even cause anemia. Loss of balance is also commonly experienced. This is also ue to the lack of blood flow to the brain. You may also experience shortness of breath and notice that it is difficult to concentrate. Some other aneurysm symptoms include short-term memory loss and change in behavior. Most of these are caused by the decreased blood flow. Others could be caused by the aneurism itself. The aneurysm could be directly affecting the neural system or neural development portion of the brain.

It is important to diagnose and treat an aneurysm as soon as possible to prevent serious problems from forming. Knowing what the aneurysm symptoms are can help you do this. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. It could save your health.

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