Common Causes of Hair Loss

There are multiple reasons why we lose our hair. It is typical to lose about fifty hairs a day, while brushing hair, washing, or running your fingers through it.  One of the causes of hair loss is stress.  This is usually a temporary cause of hair loss, and should return to normal once the stress has subsided.  There are different phases which hair follicles go through. When you are under stress, this makes the follicles go into the telogen phase too early which makes the hair stop growing new hairs, and allows other hair to come out.  Once the stress is gone or eased, then your hair can go back to the normal phases of growing and shedding new hairs.

Causes of hair loss can be attributed to pregnancy and child birth. A mother can lose a significant amount of hair during pregnancy and for several months after the baby is born.  This can be due to stress and hormone changes that take place during and after pregnancy.  This is also temporary. The hair should go back to normal growth in a matter of time, usually several months after giving birth.

Iron deficiency is another among the causes of hair loss, and is typically only a problem for women.  Low iron levels in women can be the result of poor diet, pregnancy, childbirth, heavy menstrual periods, anemia and in non-menopausal women under the age of fifty years old, just to name a few. Losing large amounts of blood through menstruation or an accident can also cause low levels of iron.

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If you feel hair loss is due to low levels of iron, then there are iron supplements available. Iron is also available in the foods we eat. Vegetables such as beans and potatoes, pastas, liver, turkey, lean beef, and asparagus all contain iron. Taking too much iron can lead to other medical problems. It is important to follow the recommended daily dose for your caloric intake level. If you are getting enough iron from the foods you eat, then there is no need to take supplements. Though iron deficiency is more common among women, it can occur in men as well.

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