Common Food Allergies

Common Food Allergies

When most people think about food allergies they automatically think about allergies to peanuts and shellfish. People that have these allergies can have very serious reactions that can result in anaphylactic shock, which if not treated immediately with an epinephrine injection.

Even with the epinephrine injection a person that has a serious reaction should still seek medical treatment immediately in order to make sure the injection was enough to alleviate the symptoms and prevent them from returning.

Other Foods that Cause Food Allergies

The majority of food allergies are caused by only eight different food types and account for most cases. All of these foods are quite common and people affected with allergic reactions should avoid consuming these foods. Already mentioned were peanuts and shellfish, since most people are most familiar with these two allergies. Eggs, wheat, soy, other nuts, and dairy products can also produce food allergies in people.


Symptoms of Food Allergies Reactions

Symptoms can range from being rather mild to severe when a person has an allergic reaction to food. Common symptoms can include watery, itchy eyes, a running nose, coughing, breaking out in hives, difficulties breathing, swelling of the tongue and neck, itchy skin, and going into anaphylactic shock.

itchy skin


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Food allergies can be hereditary and inherited so it is quite possible that if you are allergic to particular food, your children or grandchildren will also be allergic. It is possible for the food allergy to skip a generation so your children may not have the same food allergy as you do.

Preventing Food Allergies

The best method of prevention is to avoid eating the foods that cause the food allergy. While you can control the foods you prepare and eat at home, it can be more difficult when dining out. It is important to ask if menu items contain ingredients you are allergic to or have been in contact with those items.

avoid eating the foods

If you cannot get a clear answer from the establishment it is better to go elsewhere than risk having an allergic reaction. If you have severe food allergies, it is wise to always carry an epinephrine pen with you at all times.

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