Cortisone And Knee Arthritis

Slowly but surely,  the highly destructive nature of knee arthritis will be more than enough to effectively guarantee that the person who suffers from it will be ultimately sentenced to a lifetime of misery and pain as this cruel disease quickly spreads through the joint, eroding and damaging it from within.

One of the major reasons that knee arthritis causes such misery is due to the fact that it will cause severe inflammation of the knee joint which in turn will further make the joint very stiff and painful for it to flex.

One treatment option that is routinely used to help treat knee arthritis is cortisone injection therapy, and it should be noted that whilst this treatment can provide some very excellent pain relief, there are a number of risks and drawbacks commonly attributed with the cortisone therapy that ultimately reduce and impair its usefulness.

What exactly is cortisone injection therapy?

A potent, and somewhat controversial therapy used to directly combat and provide a significant amount of relief from, the muscular cramps and inflammation that is caused by knee arthritis. The injection is the tricky part, and the reason for this is that the needle is directly inserted into the joint that suffers knee arthritis, and so this direct contact can prove to be especially painful.

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I have read that there are some risks involved with cortisone therapy. Is this true?

Sadly, yes. Cortisone injection therapy is like any other therapy out there: there are both benefits and drawbacks associated with it and so it is up to the physician and the patient to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

Thankfully, the level of pain endured by the patient whenever the needle is inserted into the joint will be fairly minimal and short-lived. The primary danger that stems from cortisone injection therapy is that there is the risk that the cortisone will weaken the cartilage within the arthritic joint which in turn will cause more permanent, long term and intense pain for the victim. It will also make surgical intervention all the more difficult as deformity will set in and take place.  It is for this specific reason that physicians will limit the number of times it is used.

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