Creating Exciting Healthy Diet Meals

Most people go on a healthy diet to lose weight. But if they are not fully committed to the diet, they will fail. Being forced on a diet by your physician can also be painful and hard to adjust eating habits. Regardless of why you are on a healthy diet, there are many things you can do to create exciting meals to prevent from becoming bored with the same foods day-in and day-out.

Fresh Vegetables

While the number of fresh vegetables available at your local grocery store may be limited, there are farmers markets and whole food stores that offer a greater variety. There are a number of different ways to prepare your favorites beyond steaming. You can bake, broil and even grill your vegetables. Use different herbs, spices and citrus juices to add flavors. Do not get into a rut where you are eating the same vegetable cooked different ways all the time. Every day rotate vegetables so you are eating different ones.

Fresh Fruits

Just like fresh vegetables, there are many fresh fruit options to pick from. You may have to go to a farmers market or whole food store to get a better selection. Some people go into a phase where all they eat is one or two different fruits for several weeks. Then they become bored with eating fruit and forget about all the other possibilities available. Rotate your options based on your favorites.

Fresh Lean Meats

Chicken and turkey are two good lean meats to eat when following a healthy diet. But most people over look all the different varieties of fish that is available. There is salmon, halibut, tilapia and many other types to choose from. You may have to find a local fresh fish market for a better selection than your local grocery store offers. Lean cuts of beef and lean cuts of pork can also be eaten occasionally.

Do Not Forget About Herbs and Spices

Most people have a spice rack at home and only one or two spices ever get used. Take a look at all the spices you already have and use them to add flavor to your dishes.

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