Dealing With An Abscess In The Mouth

Abscess In The Mouth

An abscess in the mouth is extremely painful indeed, and many females who have had the grave displeasure of enduring it have reported that the intensity and frequency of the pain caused by the abscess in their mouth was more intense and severe than the pain and discomfort that they endured whenever they gave birth.  Before any male readers then proceed to silently laugh to themselves at this seemingly admission of weakness from women, objective evidence supports this general claim.

An abscess in the mouth is whereby a sizable collection of pus has accumulated in the mouth and concentrated itself specifically on the sensitive root of the tooth, which is where all of the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are to be found and so the abscess will effectively press on these sensitive nerves. Given that it is the nerves of the body that are responsible for the transmission of pain signals and impulses around the body, it stands to reason then that the severity of the pain endured by this condition is actually reasonable and proportionate within the circumstances.

antibiotic medication

Given that an abscess is predominately bacterial in nature, this means that the first course of action which will be used by a dentist is the prescribing of antibiotic medication in order to reduce the inflammation and allow the bacteria to subside. From there, if further repair work is needed, then the dentist can intervene.

Oral Hygiene

One of the most common ways in which an abscess of the mouth will form is due to extremely poor oral hygiene, and if this happens to be exacerbated by virtue of a diet that is rich in refined sugars, simple carbohydrates and excessive vomiting and or the consumption of alcohol, then the chances of an abscess occurring are exceptionally high indeed.

Warm Water Which Has Salt

It is entirely possible for the abscess to rupture (burst).  Should this happen, it is essential that the sufferer acts quickly and rinses their mouth out with a solution of warm water which has salt added to it, and the reason for this is that it will help to remove the infection and stem the bacteria.

Dealing With An Abscess In The Mouth

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