Dealing With Cat Allergies

Cats are a leading cause of allergies in people. This is due to the fact that there are five known allergens produced by cats. Cat allergies can cause pain and discomfort and will make your life miserable.

Fel d 1 is the most common form of cat allergies. It is produced in the sebaceous gland and released through the saliva. When you come in contact with this cat allergen you are likely to experience swollen, itchy, watery eyes. You may also get some other symptoms that include congestion, sneezing and breathing problems. For people with severe cat allergies they may even experience swollen feet and hands, swollen throat and wheezing. In cases where a person has a high sensitivity to cat allergens, if they get bitten or scratched by a cat, an itchy and raised rash could form around the wound.

The other allergens produced by cats are found in the salivary gland and urinary protein. When a cat grooms the salivary allergen is spread throughout their fur and body. It is also transmitted to the dander that is produced. Dander is spread throughout the air and is inhaled easily. Over 60% of people suffer from this form of cat allergy. It is difficult to avoid so taking extra precautions in your home is important even if you are not a pet owner. Using air purifiers and hypoallergenic materials will reduce the amount of allergens in your home. This will especially help with cat allergies because they are airborne and can be carried into your home. Also, cat allergens survive for months or even years. So if you bought a home from someone that owned a cat, the allergens could still be a threat.

Anyone that suffers from cat allergies should take an allergy medication. If over-the-counter antihistamines are not working speak with your doctor about another form of medication. They may even suggest getting allergy shots. Shots are commonly prescribed for people that suffer from cat allergies due to the fact that it is hard to avoid the danger.

Most people have at least a slight form of cat allergy, but if you experience stronger symptoms you should take steps to prevent them altogether. Suffering from cat allergies is an uncomfortable condition that can lead to future health problems. So make these simple changes and get rid of the problem forever.

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