Dealing With The Problems Of Iron Supplements During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very difficult and draining period of time for the female, as her body is undergoing a remarkable series of very drastic and radical changes. The caring for a child in the womb is a physically exhausting process and this is evidenced by virtue of the fact that the mother is caring for two, herself, and her unborn baby.

Another issue rises from the hormonal changes and fluctuations that are routinely taking place in the body of the female, and so the female will often face a variety of different side effects arising from this, including stomach cramping, morning sickness and lethargy, as well as mood swings.

Diet plays an essential role in the well being of both mother and child during the pregnancy and so a lack of sufficient iron in the diet will lead the pregnant woman to a greater risk of developing anemia. This is a potentially complex issue, and is one that is made exponentially more troublesome by a number of other issues.

How is anemia during pregnancy treated?

One approach to dealing with anemia during pregnancy is for the female to be prescribed iron supplements, and as the name would suggest, these are capsules which contain high concentrations of the mineral iron to ensure that the pregnant female is able to provide enough for both herself and child.

Why is the usage of iron supplement capsules such a contentious issue?

Put simply, in addition to being absolutely foul-tasting, these capsules also happen to affect the pregnant female in a number of different ways and so they female may endure the likes of excessive morning sickness, loss of appetite, thinning of the hair and excessive sweating by virtue of the significantly higher presence of iron in the diet.

Because of these issues, and the fact that they will already worsen the existing symptoms and effects endured during pregnancy, this means that the pregnant woman will be more tempted to simply refrain from using them at all.  This is very grave indeed, as whilst the mother is enjoying a short term benefit, they will place their child’s health at severe risk.

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