Diet And Gouty Arthritis

Some people dismiss and trivialize gouty arthritis as being nothing more than the end result of an extremely gluttonous person finally getting their just desserts, i.e. the person who is overly greedy with their food and who indulges far too much in rich, fatty food items will find that they pay the price for such lust for food.  Be that as it may, gouty arthritis is without a shadow of doubt, one of the most painful types of arthritis in existence, and so to trivialize it is very unfair indeed.

Gouty arthritis is caused whenever excessive deposits of uric acid within the body are unable to removed from the body effectively, and so this means that they are then kept within the body and so will build up. Usually, the disease (which itself happens to be a sub category of rheumatoid arthritis) will affect the joint of the big toe, and according to medical statistics, 75% of all incidents of patients suffering from gout will involve the big toe, although this does not mean that other joints are immune from the effects of the disease. Therefore, the fingers, the wrists, ankles, knees, hips and even the spine can all be afflicted with the condition.

It should be noted diet is the primary culprit for causing the disease, and even where the gout can be traced to another source, the simple truth of the matter is that the physician will typically recommend that the sufferer alters their diet in an attempt to control and reduce the intensity, severity and frequency of the symptoms that occur.

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If a person is currently suffering from gouty arthritis, or is at risk of developing it, then they should try and reduce and control the amount of purine rich foods that they eat and so things such as shellfish and red meat are all to be carefully monitored.

A person diagnosed as suffering from gouty arthritis should also reduce the amount of alcohol that they drink, as alcohol will affect the body’s ability to reduce and breakdown the presence of purine in the bloodstream thereby making gout more likely to arise.

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