Diet And The Severity Of Gouty Arthritis

Gouty Arthritis is without a doubt, one of the most directly painful and disabling forms of arthritis around and whilst it tends to come and go, usually only lasting a short space of time before finally (and mercifully) disappearing for a while, the intensity of the pain it causes the victim is no laughing matter and so the victims of gouty arthritis will need to contend with the very real and unpleasant prospect of insomnia as the pain keeps them awake at night.

It is important to appreciate that gouty arthritis is typically caused whenever there are excessive levels of uric acid in the body and this maybe caused as a result of the person consuming too much purine in their diet (purine is then converted into uric acid by the body) or as a result of the body’s inability to excrete and expel the excess uric acid levels that are currently contained within it. Whatever the reason, the victim of gouty arthritis need not feel as if there is no hope for them whatsoever, and so the sufferer can make use of some changes to their diet to get their life back on track.

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First off, the person suffering from gouty arthritis may wish to ensure that they drink more water in their diet and the reason for this is that one of the primary methods in which uric acid is removed and expelled from the body is through the process of urinating. Therefore, the more we urinate, the higher the level of uric acid that will be removed from the body. In addition, increasing the consumption of diuretics, such as cranberries will also be an excellent method of ensuring that the level of the uric acid is also brought down to more acceptable and tolerable levels for the body.

Make sure that you avoid alcohol of any sort, but more in particular, beer and wine. There are a few reasons for this: alcohol will dehydrate the body thereby leeching water content and thus making it more difficult for the body to urinate. In addition, alcohol is also very high in purines as well.

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