4 Diet As A Cure For Gouty Arthritis

Gouty Arthritis

As flattering as it is to be heralded as the pioneers of sound of wisdom and forethought, the medical profession is far from perfect and so the remedies that they provide, the solutions that they give, each and every one of them will have a risk, side effect or drawback associated with it in some shape or another. Perhaps there is a long recovery time associated with that treatment option which is commonly the case with surgical procedures, or there is the possibility of addiction arising as the body becomes used to the medication, and then comes to crave it.


These are just some of the complications than can and will arise in the event thatformal medical intervention is sought for the treatment of the symptoms of gouty arthritis. The codeine based painkillers prescribed by a physician are habit forming meaning that even if after the pain of the gouty arthritis has gone, the person still “needs” the medication in ever increasing amounts purely because they are now addicted.


Because of these concerns, a person who is currently suffering from gouty arthritis may wish to at least consider, the option of alternating the pain relief and management methods by relying on modification of their diet in conjunction with their medication that has been issued by a doctor. This way, the gouty arthritis sufferer will be able to significantly increase the useful lifespan of their medication as they will actively reduce the development of a tolerance to the medication.

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Water and cranberry

The reason that gouty arthritis occurs in the first instance is due to the fact that there is a high level of uric acid within the body and so this means that the patient will need to try and reduce this in order to rid themselves of the disease. Therefore, the best way of achieving this is to increase the consumption of water and cranberries as these will help promote the urination process.


For the pain caused by the condition itself, the consumption of half a pound of cherries per each day for a minimum space of at least a week will help to ensure that the patient will reduce their pain levels.

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